I have just completed Google’s Digital Garage certification in “Online Marketing Fundamentals” as part of my continued learning and really enjoyed the experience.

What Is It?

Google have recently launched a free online certification course called ‘Online Marketing Fundamentals,’ as part of their Digital Garage. It is an online course that is made up of 89 lessons that form 23 badges. The course covers all things digital including; search, email, analytics, social, video, eCommerce and geo-targeting. Once you have completed all the lessons, you are then able to take the exam online.


How Long Does It Take to Complete?

If you already have a decent understanding of digital marketing, then this course can be completed quicker than suggested. There is a short video for each lesson, but watching them is not compulsory. After each lesson, you have to put the knowledge into practice and there is an assessment which covers the whole module at the end of each badge.

Once you have completed the assessments for each module, you are then able to take the final exam. The exam is multiple choice covering the whole curriculum and takes about 10 minutes. Results are instant and upon passing, you receive your downloadable certificate.

What’s the Benefit?

This course is designed for business owners and managers who want to develop their marketing strategies. For someone like myself who already has a good knowledge of digital, it was another string to my bow to show clients that I understand their requirements. It has refreshed my knowledge, added one more relevant certification under my belt and gave me an extra certification to show off on my LinkedIn profile

Saffa Associates is a genuine specialist in Digital/Marketing Recruitment and this certification is just part of that goal.

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