"I've had such a pleasant experience with Saffa Associates. Kris always made sure he was a phone call away and made me feel extremely comfortable and positive. Thank you!"

Miss R Marketing Assistant

"I had a really good experience with Saffa Associates. Kris always kept me well informed and was extremely professional. Thank you!"

Miss R Junior Designer

"Saffa Associates really stand out as a specialist recruitment company. Kris is professional, a genuine good guy and great to work with. Thank you for all of your help."

Miss N Marketing Manager

"Kris has been incredibly helpful in securing a new role for me as quickly as possible. His correspondence was swift, effective and informative so I always knew where I stood within the process. The eagerness to keep track of clients and maintain communication so I could get a response from the company was what impressed me most. He wants to make sure you're put into your ideal role as quickly as possible and succeeds immensely in this aspect. His feedback was always helpful and would answer any questions I had immediately. With this in mind, I would highly recommend Kris to get you started in the next stage of your career."

Mr J Social Media Executive

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